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Welcome to the website of Eurojuris Switzerland

A network of Swiss law firms offering direct legal advice and local representation.

Eurojuris Switzerland

EUROJURIS law firms are wellestablished and reputable firms in their community. They are carefully selected and abide by defined quality standards relating to fees, mandatory professional indemnity insurance, knowledge of foreign languages, promptness, and confidentiality.

Eurojuris International

Eurojuris Switzerland is a member of the umbrella organization Eurojuris International, which was founded in Brussels in 1992. It combines around 600 law firms with approximately 5,000 lawyers. It is the leading network for lawyers in Europe with global contacts, extending to 650 cities in 50 countries.


A national Eurojuris association exists in each individual member state whose members are independent, medium-sized, well-established law firms meeting specific criteria for eligibility of Eurojuris and which also perform cross-border activities.

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