Eurojuris in Switzerland

A legal global solution

EUROJURIS law firms are well-established and reputable firms in their community. They are carefully selected and abide by defined quality standards relating to fees, mandatory professional indemnity insurance, knowledge of foreign languages, promptness, and confidentiality.


All firms maintain their professional independence as well


Eurojuris International has been a leading network of independent law firms in Europe since 1992. With some 600 firms and about 5000 lawyers, we cover 650 cities in 50 countries worldwide.


The main objective of Eurojuris International is to provide its member firms with a unique international legal networking that meets the growing demand of the clients.

The Eurojuris Switzerland team  provides legal services to companies and private persons as well in Switzerland as abroad.




New Client

Feel free to contact us if you need to find a lawyer in Switzerland. Our team of specialised lawyers is available to help you.

Eurojuris International

We are member of the  Eurojuris International network. EUROJURIS is the leading network of law firms in Europe.